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How To Reach Hampi & Shanthi Guest House Quick Reservations

Hampi is located in South India at a distance of around 350 kilometers from Bangalore or Hyderabad. You can take either a train or a bus to Hospet from either of these places. Hospet is 13 kilometers from Hampi. Once you reach Hampi, you can reach Shanthi Guest House by crossing the Tungabhadra River. For crossing the river in a motorized boat you end up paying about 10 Rupees that is close to 20 US cents. After you cross the river, take a left and a five-minute walk and you are there!

By Train or Bus

To reach Hampi, you can take a either a train or bus from Bangalore or Hyderabad to Hospet. You also have seasonal flights from Bangalore to Hospet. So check with your tour operator. From Hospet there are many auto rickshaws and buses that ply to Hampi. Hampi is about 13 km from Hospet and it takes 10 rupees to reach through public transport.

You can also take trains from Hyderabad to Hospet (there are two every day; one starts from Nampally-Hyderabad and another from Kacheguda Railway station in Hyderabad). From Hospet it is easy to go to Hampi and Shanthi Guest House

If you are coming from Hyderabad to Hampi, to reach Shanthi Guest House you can also take a bus to Gangavati, from where Shanthi Guest House is just half-an-hour by cab. Shanthi Guest House can also arrange a pick-up for you from Gangavati to the Guest House on paying the pick-up charges, which are extra.

Directions To The Shanthi Guest House From Hospet Railway Station:

Get off at the Hospet Railway Station.

Take an auto-rickshaw (charges below Rs.100) and specify to take you to the “River Point” next to the Virupaksha Temple (if this is not told, you would get dropped at the Hampi bus stand, and again you need to walk to the river point!)

You can also take a bus from the Hospet Bus-Stand to Hampi. It costs Rs.10 - Rs.15 to reach Hampi via Public Transport from the Bus-Stand. The Hospet Bus-Stand is one kilometer from the Hospet Railway Station.
Once you are in Hampi, go the River Point.

Cross the river (boat charges Rs.10 each) - Please note that boat operates between 7 AM and 6 PM.

Go straight, and take the first left (ask for Shanthi Guest House.) It is a 5-10 minute walk from there.

By Road - Car/Taxi

However, if you are driving down to Shanthi Guest House from Bangalore, here is the route
Bangalore - Chitradurga - Tungabhadra Dam Circle (Near Hospet) - Munirabad - Take a Right at Hitnal Cross - Agalakera - Sanapur - Take a Right at the Ancient Aqueduct - Shanthi Guest House

If you are driving down to Shanthi Guest House from Hyderabad here are the directions
Hyderabad - Jadcherla - Mahboobnagar - Raichur - Gangavati - Anegundi - Take a Left at the Ancient Aqueduct - Shanthi Guest House

Here is the route map for vehicle owners. Click on it to get a larger and clear picture.

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